Servers Rules:

Rules for players:

  1. This is NOT a trigger happy server, when roaming about DO NOT Kill on sight (KOS) , this includes sleepers

  2. PVP areas: these monuments with high tier loot : (Oil rig, cargo, military tunnels, launch site or any monument where locked crate drops)

  3. Airdrops - If you did not spawn it, it's not your loot. 1st person to arrive at usual spawned airdrop gets it

  4. Raiding - there are raidable bases, DO NOT raid other players. If people leave bases open, loot is up for grabs. On the Fortnightly raiding is possible the last 2 days.

  5. QOL - Just be nice to others, this server is meant to be fun for everyone

  6. Raid protection: On the last 2 days before wipe, raid protection is turned off and raiding others are allowed, do not grief bases or players on the Fortnightly. Monthly has full wipe protection for raiding.

  7. During these 2 days of raiding the KOS rule still applies, do not shoot on site unless you are being raided or raiding a base and the player/s are there defending.

  8. You are not allowed to counter raid others.

  9. Sam sites and turrets allowed but may NOT be turned on till last 2 days of wipe during raid protection off period, can be used for the NPC events.

  10. Heli is not PVP and if someone is doing it then do not shoot it.

  11. If the admins decide that you not a good fit for our community, then you will be removed. While you may not be breaking any particular rules but do not fit to our values then you are gone. VIP or not.

If you dont agree, refrain from playing further